ServicesTransport Preparation - Helpful Tips:

Wash your vehicle prior to the scheduled pickup. A clean vehicle will make the initial inspection a hassle-free process for both you and the driver.

If the vehicle is inoperable, make sure it brakes, steers and rolls. If the vehicle does not then we will need to make special arrangements for pickup.  Special arrangements such as a forklift could also affect the rate so please let us know the state of the inoperable vehicle prior to scheduling the pickup.

Please make sure that at least a quarter of the gas tank is filled.

Before shipping your car, you should also remove all personal belongings, as well as anything that can be displaced during transport and damage the inside of the vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, radar detectors, removable radios, EZ and FasTrak passes. This is especially recommended for all open trailer transport.

Disable the alarm system on your car or provide a remote that will allow the driver to turn it off and on as needed. An alarm that cannot be turned off can result in a drained battery, causing inconvenience to both the driver and the person receiving the vehicle.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that the carrier be provided with one set of all keys for the vehicle, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys. All vehicles should be accessible for inspection purposes by DOT at state lines.

Help protect the exterior of your vehicle by removing any items attached to the outside of your vehicle. For instance, low hanging spoilers, antennas, luggage racks, soft tops and license plates should be removed or properly secured for transport. Loose parts could become displaced during transit resulting in damages to your or another vehicle on the trailer or be lost along the route.  This is especially recommended for all open trailer transport. Vehicle covers are not allowed on any of our open trailers – they do very little to protect a vehicle but can cause a variety of damages if they detach during transit.

For door to door service please make sure that both your pick-up and drop-off locations are tractor-trailer accessible. A 75 to 80 foot truck must be able to maneuver to and from each address without risk to loaded vehicles from low hanging tree branches or other impediments. Otherwise an accessible meeting spot will need to be arranged prior to pick up or delivery of the vehicle, such as a shopping center lot.     

Be sure to provide direct phone numbers for contact persons on pickup and delivery. Cell phones are usually the best.
Contact our staff! We are always happy to answer any questions/concerns you might have regarding the shipping process.