FAQs – Possibilities:

How far in advance should I schedule the transport?
We recommend scheduling your car shipping as early as possible to make sure your planned delivery time frame can be met. If an immediate pick-up is necessary, we can usually make arrangements within 24 hours.

What is door to door service?
We guarantee that the driver will get as close to your door as possible. Since carriers are generally very large vehicles, there must be enough room at the pickup and delivery site for on/off-loading and turn-around. The condition of your vehicle is our first concern, so we make sure drivers avoid delivery in areas where low-hanging branches or other impediments could endanger your car. Also, some cities have restrictions on where large trucks are allowed, especially in dense residential sections. When door-to-door is not possible, we'll work with you to make sure your vehicle is delivered at a nearby location with your convenience in mind – like a nearby spacious parking lot.

Is my vehicle insured?
We are insured and bonded and once your car is loaded onto the trailer it is in under our protection for the duration of the transport.

How long does the transport take?
Although shipping times vary due to several variables, some typical times are: 7-10 days Coast-to-Coast, 3-6 days North/South, 4-7 days Midwest to Coast. Weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns and other factors can create delays. Our staff will keep you appraised on any delays that affect the delivery of your vehicle.

Can I pack things in my vehicle?
Anything you pack in your vehicle should be locked securely in the trunk and should not exceed 100 pounds in total weight. Keep in mind that you are responsible for anything you have packed in your vehicle, and while your car is insured by us, the items you packed in the car are not. If you plan to exceed 100 pounds of personal belongings, please make sure to mention it prior to pickup to confirm that the trailer can accommodate the extra weight and to discuss pricing - additional charges will be based on the total extra weight.

What additional documentation should be included along with the vehicle?
None. We do not require any documentation to accompany the vehicle - no need to include the title, registration, or insurance.

Do I have to be there when you pick up or deliver my vehicle?
It is important that you or an individual you designate as your representative be present at both the pick-up and delivery. The vehicle(s) need to be inspected carefully at both points of the transport process. Take a walk-around with the driver and sign off on any noted damage or flaws. Unless you make note of any damage or flaws in the car that exist pre- and post-delivery, you do not have a basis for a damage claim. Always ask the driver for a copy of the Bill of Lading (Inspection Report) on pickup and delivery.

Can I leave my vehicle some place on the pick-up or delivery end if for some reason I’m unable to be there?
We will try to find a local terminal/lot where your vehicle can be stored while awaiting pick-up and/or delivery. You will be responsible for any incurred storage fees. If per your request the vehicle is placed into storage on a lot not insured by us we will require you to waive your right to claim for damages. We highly recommend designating a representative if you cannot be present at delivery to avoid any issues.

What if my vehicle gets damaged?
If during the inspection on delivery you notice that your vehicle sustained damage that was not there pre-transport, you must be sure to note it on the Bill of Lading (Inspection Report) right away and have the driver sign that form. Claims cannot be processed by the insurance company if damage is not noted at the time of delivery. Claims must be made and photos of the damage must be sent in within 15 days of delivery.

What is an oversize fee?
Because of the extraordinary dimensions of some vehicles, (e.g., full-size SUV's, large pickup trucks, commercial vehicles) more room is needed to accommodate them on the carrier. Using room normally required for more than one passenger vehicle results in an oversize fee, which our staff will discuss with you. For instance, after-market extensions, roof racks/lights, lift kits, oversize tires, commercial equipment accessories, etc. Make sure to mention to our staff if you vehicle will require additional room for any reason and there will be no surprises!

How do I check the status of my order?
You can email us at ewtransinc@gmail.com any time or reach customer service Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

What are my payment options?
If you are a private customer transporting a vehicle, we will require a credit card deposit to schedule the pickup. This deposit is nonrefundable once a driver is assigned. The remaining balance due must be made in cash, cashier's check or postal money order on delivery. No credit cards or personal checks are accepted for final payment on delivery.